Welcome to Shortell Design

We have been building furniture and architectural products for over 20 years here in the United States. Our long list of custom designed and crafted products have been expanded, yet not limited to our professional craftsmanship of Doors, Lighting, Iron DesignFurniture, and Stone.   

Design Projects

We do not limit ourselves to any one design area. In any case, whatever the project may be, our goal is to create beauty and match your budget. Our location of projects have been expanded, yet not limited to our professional craftsmanship in Restaurants, Home & Kitchen, Bathroom, Hotels, Lounges, Fitness Centers, Offices, Churches, Apartments, Clubhouses, Clinics, Retirement Homes, Wineries, Condos, Townhouses, Ranches, Lofts, and Lake/Beach Houses.    


Our goal is to interpret design dreams, and turn them into a reality. Our inspiration comes from the layers upon layers of design technique and styles that have persisted through the centuries in the different regions of the world. We live in an exciting time like none other before, where knowledge and information is accumulated through millennia at our fingertips. We are able to draw upon it, and fuse it together into new and exciting creations. The endless possibilities that this presents is what inspires us each and every day.

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